Your expertise + our best in class solution - it's the perfect blend ...

Knowledge + understanding = a higher chance of exam success. By partnering with Practice Labs, as you provide your IT students with the theory and the knowledge, we help to reinforce that learning by giving them the opportunity to practice and understand. 

How do we do that? Via web browser or Learning Management System, we open up 24/7 access to a live-lab environment. This allows your students to gain hands-on IT skills by experimenting on live virtual instances of the same types of hardware and software you're covering in your IT curriculum.

This means you don’t have to build, host, maintain and update your own live-lab environment, because your students can dip in and out of ours – whenever they need to.

That saves you money.

Plus, all our Practice Labs and Exam Preps are aligned with the course content and/or certifications available from all the leading IT vendors. And we create our own content too.

That saves you time.

And hands-on experiential learning helps prepare your students for the workplace.

That's the job-readiness box ticked too.

Whether it's improving digital literacy skills and getting to grips with the wonders of Microsoft Office or gaining some hands-on practice of server management or penetration testing. We have over 350 titles in our library, made up of 3,600+ modules and more than 16,000 exercises, so there’s something for everyone.

Why are we doing this you might ask yourself? Two reasons. Firstly, our vision is to help improve the IT skills of one million learners by 2023. The more students using our solution, the closer we will get to that target.

Secondly, despite being a UK-based company, most of our customers are in the US. The use of live-labs for hands-on IT practice isn't as well known here at home, so currently we work in partnership with US schools, colleges and universities and some global publishers and blended learning providers.

We want to change that. And we want to start with FE colleges, because we love what you do. You're not just about young people, you're about opening up new career opportunities for people of all ages and from all backgrounds. That resonates with our own mission 'to help our users, our partners, our customers and our CREW (that's what we call our employees) to be better today than they were yesterday.'

Why not make sure your college is one of the first UK trailblazers? Go on go on – you know you want to.

So what are you waiting for?!